It was a packed room at The Lawyer Awards last week – all 1250 of us anxiously hoping our firm would be crowned winner – and with few categories so fiercely contested as Offshore Law Firm of the Year, we were definitely on the edge of our seat.

The Lawyer kept us entertained while we waited, though. With hours of comedy from Dara Ó Briain, a rocking band and a beautiful River Thames fireworks display, it was a glittering celebration of a year of hard work and success across the legal industry – and judging from the crowd still packed on the dancefloor at 2am, a night that many didn't want to end.

We at Harneys certainly didn't. It was our first time being recognized as Offshore Law Firm of the Year, and we were in the mood to celebrate! The awards recognise outstanding legal excellence, market-leading strategy and commercial strength. Check, check and check.

This year has been one several years of strong growth for Harneys, and one of several firsts. These aren't just limited to launching the first blog dedicated to demystifying offshore funds (ahem!), but also include groundbreaking work on deals like the first Cyprus hedge fund – which is also the first investing into Iran following UN sanctions lifting in early 2016. With the launch of our Bermuda legal practice, we're also the only offshore firm advising on Bermuda, BVI, Cayman, Mauritius, Anguilla and Cyprus law.

So it's always rewarding to receive such a highly regarded external endorsement as from The Lawyer, especially after recent wins at the HFM Week European Awards and the Hedge Fund China Summit in Asia.

If the nod from these judges is anything to go by, the future is certainly looking bright for Harneys.