Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a new law "On arbitration" on 8 April, 2016. The main purpose of the new law is to promote pre-trial settlement of disputes procedures and raising the status of arbitration pleadings and approximation of the legislation to the international practice.

According to the document, the Law applies to disputes arising from civil-law relations with participation of physical and (or) legal entities, irrespective of the place of residence or location of the subjects of the dispute within the state or outside it, which resolved by arbitration, unless otherwise established by the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Issues of arbitration procedure, controversies, which are the subject of arbitrational disputes, as well as the competence and qualification requirements for arbitrators, the legal status of the Chamber of Arbitration and other procedural questions are approved by the Law. At the same time, along with the Law "On Arbitration" was adopted another law "On Amendments and Alterations to Some Legislative Acts of Kazakhstan on the Issues of Arbitration", the aim of which is to consolidate and align other normative-legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Arbitration Courts" dated 28 December 2004 and "On International Commercial Arbitration" dated 28 December 2004, that have been governing the arbitration relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan before the approving new Law are recognized as repealed.

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