On July 20, 2016, resolution No. 110/2016 of the Dirección Nacional del Registro de Dominios de Internet [Argentine Office of Internet Domain Registration] (under the Argentine Legal and Technical Secretariat) was published in the Official Gazette. This resolution became effective on July 21, 2016 and annuls Resolution No. 20 of February 27, 2014 and sections 2 and 3 of Resolution No. 109 of November 26, 2015, related to the administration and award of Internet domain names.

The resolution includes as annex I the "Regulation for the Administration of Internet Domains in Argentina" which is intended to regulate the registration, transfer, dispute and obligations of the internet domain holders in Argentina.

Below is a brief summary of its main aspects:

EDU.AR zone: NIC Argentina shall register the Internet domain names, under the zones and the requirements and proceedings to be determined by NIC Argentina, with the exception of the zone called ".EDU.AR", which shall be managed by the Asociación Redes de Interconexión Universitaria (ARIU).

Holder: the user who registers a domain name shall be considered the holder of such domain name, provided an express acknowledgement and acceptance of the rules and proceedings governing such matter is granted, assuming that the registration is not made in bad faith, with an illegal purpose, nor it affects or damages other users or third parties.

Dispute procedure: users considering to have a better right or a legitimate interest over a domain name, may dispute its registration. The new rules modify the terms applicable for filing and response of disputes.

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