Austria's Easternmost Province Seizing on Synergies between EU and Eastern Markets

Since the opening of Eastern Europe - and Austria's entry into the European Union - Burgenland has raced to the forefront among Europe's most compelling investment opportunities. The province and numerous multinational concerns are increasingly capitalizing on Burgenland's status as an EU Category 1-Region - enjoying the highest possible subsidies - and its location on the EU's eastern border.

Burgenland has even more to offer for technology-oriented concerns. Along with a highly-qualified workforce, technology centers such as the Technology Center Eisenstadt (TZE) - with specialties in materials, information technology and telecommunications - provide the ideal conditions for a high-tech business.

Moreover, an additional focus of Burgenland's economic policy is the creation of a modern telecommunications infrastructure. The province is traversed by a high-performance, multifunctional fiber-optic network with professional network management - fulfilling all the requirements for state-of-the-art telecommunications. That policy is already producing success stories - including the establishment of Nokia's Austria headquarters in Eisenstadt.

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