Spaceline is adding further value to Vienna as a business location by investing ATS 15 billion (US$1.17 billion) in its infrastructure. With this investment, the international telecommunications concern is placing four HUB stations at the disposal of its customers: a 5.00m C-band antenna for the Russian and Central Asian region, an antenna for the Asian region, an antenna for the European and an antenna for the South and North American region.

Spaceline, a company of Thyssen Telecom Corp. and Itochu Corp., offers worldwide, satellite-support telecommunications services including international point-to-point connections for data services, (stellar sternenformige) networks, audio/data/software distribution as well internal corporate "Business TV" networks.

Thereby, Spaceline offers the following services: technical-economic analyses of telecommunications networks, planning, network design, system selection and implementation, preparation of satellite space segments(?) and operational licences, network management, backup, Help Desk and a 24-hour hotline.

For additional information, Spaceline stands at its customers' disposal.

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