Land Rover is a luxury car brand that specializes in four-wheel-drive vehicles, owned by Tata Motors. Evoque of the Range Rover series is a SUV and one of the iconic vehicles launched by the company. The company filed a case against Jiangling Motor Corporation of China claiming that the Chinese company had a similar shape, with the roof and windows tapering from front to back, and also near-identical tail lights and character lines on the side paneling which was a blatant copy of the company's 'Land Rover Evoque' model.

On observing the pictures of the two cars, it is evident that the Chinese Company has in fact blatantly imitated the overall look, shape and design of the iconic Evoque.

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The Beijing District Court ruled that Land Rover Evoque's, latest model of 2018, had five unique features that were copied directly in the Landwind X7 built by Jiangling Motors, leading to widespread consumer confusion.

The Court thus ruled in favour of the Jaguar Land Rover and ordered that all the sales, manufacturing and marketing of the Landwind vehicle must be discontinued immediately and that Jaguar Land Rover be paid compensation.

Compiled by: Adv. Sachi Kapoor | Concept & Edited by: Dr. Mohan Dewan

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