The following list, whilst not exhaustive, gives an indication of the wide range offered by Butterfield Corporate Services Ltd.:

Establishment of the Fund

1. Introduction to and liaison with legal counsel of promotor in offshore in offshore jurisdiction;
2. Drafting and Review of documentation;
3. Promotion of proposal to relevant offshore regulators.

Corporate and General Administration

1. Provision of registered office;
2. Maintenance of statutory records;
3; Filing Annual Returns;
4. Monitoring banking accounts and managing cash balances including settlement of fees and expenses;
5. Instructing custodians to settle investment transactions;
6. Payment of commissions/reallowances to recognised agents.

Shareholder Services

1. Dealing with shareholder correspondence;
2. Dealing with death of holders, lost certificates etc;
3. Payment of dividends or distributions.

Registrar and Transfer Agent

1. Maintaining the shareholder register and issuing certificates when required;
2. Issuing, transferring and redeeming shares;
3. Circulation of accounts and reports to shareholders;
4. Nominee facilities.

Valuations, Accounting and Reporting

1. Preparing valuations for whatever frequency required;
2. Multi-currency accounting;
3. Preparing and circulating financial statements;
4. Arranging the annual audit;
5. Preparing and circulating periodic reports;
6. Maintaining equalisation accounts, where appropriate;
7. Calculation of incentive and performance fees.

Company Secretarial Services

1. Convening all board and shareholders meetings;
2. Attending meetings and preparing minutes;
3. Ensuring compliance with applicable local laws and regulations.

Listing and Share Price Publication

1. Arranging publication of share price in financial publications;
2. Where required assistance with arranging listing on a Stock Exchange.

Management Company Services

1. Where a separate management company is incorporated, providing all of the relevant services set out above as required;
2. Maintaining the manager's books of account and statutory records;


1. Provided certain conditions can be met, our officers can be appointed as directors of both fund and management companies.

Custodial and Banking Services

1. Custodial administration, banking services and cash management;
2. Multi-currency facilities
3. Dividend and interest collection;
4. Global custodial network.

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