Sultani Decrees

Sultani Decree No. 1/2017
Ratifying the General Budget of State for Fiscal Year 2017
Enacted on 1 January 2017. Effective from 1 January 2017

Ministerial Decisions

Diwan of Royal Court

Diwani Decision No. 39/2016
Naming members of the Municipal Council, Muscat Governorate, for the second term.
Issued on 28 December 2016

Ministry of Finance

Ministerial Decision No. 165/2016
Publishing the Final Account of the State for Fiscal Year 2015.
Issued on 21 December 2016

Public Authority for Electricity & Water

Ministerial Decision No. 3/2016
Issuing the list of cost reflective tariffs.
Issued on 29 December 2016. Effective from 1 January 2017

Ministry of Oil & Gas

Correction:- Noting that there was a material error in Sultani Decree No. 23/2011 Approving the assignment of 20% of the rights and obligation of Tethys Oil Company AB in the EPSA Agreement dated 9 February 2003 (Blocks 3 & 4) to Mistui E&P Limited, published in Official Gazette No. 930, issued on 1 March 2011. The name of the ceding company read 'Tethys Oil AB' when it should have read 'Tethys Oil Block 3 and 4 Ltd'.

Official Announcements

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Announcement concerning the registration of industrial designs.
Announcements concerning the publication of trademark registration applications.
Announcement of trademarks that have been recorded as having changed ownership.
Announcement concerning renewal of the protection period of registered trademarks.

Commercial Announcements

The commencement of liquidation proceedings in respect of the following businesses is announced:

  1. Rukn Al Arusa Lil Azya' Al Dhahabiya – Limited Partnership
  2. Basatin Halfayn Trading – General Partnership
  3. Duroob Al Sahra' Trading & Contracting – General Partnership
  4. Khalid bin Khamis bin Mubarak Al Hadi Company
  5. China Mall Muscat LLC
  6. Seven Seas Victory Knights Company LLC
  7. Muscat Consultancy Services LLC
  8. Rimal Al Khabura Al Dhahabiya LLC

The completion of liquidation proceedings in respect of the following businesses is announced:

  1. Blue Elephant Trading LLC
  2. Al Bait Al Dhaki LLC
  3. ABS Associates LLC (Oman)
  4. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Fertilizer Projects, Contracting & Construction LLC

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