CSSF Circular 15/612 on the information to be submitted to the CSSF in relation to registered AIFM (established in Luxembourg, in another European Member State or in a third country) and/or authorised AIFM established in a third country.

In its Circular 15/612 published on 5 May 2015, the CSSF requires any registered AIFM under article 3 of the AIFM Law1 and authorised AIFM under article 5 of the AIFM Law to submit information – prior management –  on additional AIF being either registered AIF or authorised AIF established in a third country.

The AIFM shall fill out a form annexed to the circular 15/612. The form can either be downloaded or completed at:  http://www.cssf.lu/surveillance/vgi/gfia-aifm/formulaires/.

Further, the AIFM is required to report to the CSSF the end of its term of office as manager of registered AIF or authorised AIFM established in a third country.


1 Law of 12 July 2013 on alternative investment fund managers.

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