Via Licensing's Consortium's LTE Patent pool is a holistic platform in itself which drives all innovators of vital LTE patents towards a single offering. A huge announcement was made by Via on 22nd July, 2019 wherein the company went public with the news of Vodafone, to license their standard essential patents for the 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) as a member of the patent pool for LTE enabled wireless products of Via Licensing Corporation.

What is Via Licensing Corporation?

Dolby Laboratories, Inc., is the parent company of Via Licensing Corporation, serving with 50 years of experience in innovation. Via's mission is to create a platform which enriches and multiplies innovations using intellectual property rights by teaming up with a diversified group of companies like technological, entertainment and universities around the world. Apart from this, Via also runs and develops licensing programs on behalf of innovation pioneers in market such as automotive, audio and wireless. [1]

Ambit of the LTE extends from broadband wireless connectivity to the recent modern inventions. Via and it's multiparty licensing program provide a fair, transparent and cost effective license to all of its inventors from LTE, LTE-Advance, and LTE Advanced Pro patents in the program.

Via expressed a lot of positive enthusiasm in welcoming Vodafone into their consortium. Vodafone is amongst the largest telecommunications company to provide a great variety of professional services to their valuable customers and enterprise customers. Vodafone has been building itself on innovation from the past 30 years, which is also the reason why Vodafone has a humungous customer base of approximately of 700 million mobile customers and 21 million fixed broadband customers. [2]

Some of the other companies which are a part of the LTE-essential patent consortium of Via's licensing program include companies like Conversant Wireless, Deutsche Telekom, Dolby, Google and many others. [3] Via believes that by licensing groups of essential patents, litigation and licensing fee at several stages can be avoided by the companies. At Via it is thought that the toddler companies who have just started thinking about LTE would gain ample amount of confidence from the patent pool.





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