The Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks (hereinafter referred to as the 'Office'), aims to meet requirements of constantly changing IP landscape and aspires to strengthen the culture of transparency, accountability and efficiency in its management. It endeavors to establish a vibrant and balanced IP regime in the country to support the country's innovation and developmental objectives. The Office has undergone sweeping transformations due to various initiatives for easing of access to all stakeholders, augmenting efficiency in processing of IP applications, accomplishing uniformity and consistency in the examination of application, strengthening transparency and dissemination of IP related information, nurturing bilateral co-operation at the international level and leveraging the level of IP awareness amongst the public.

With its responsibilities in mind, the Office on April 03, 2017, released its Annual Report for the year 2015-16. The details of the activities performed by various offices under the Office during the year 2015-16 as well as the revenue and expenditure details of all offices under the Office and other relevant statistics are also included in it. Some of the highlights are mentioned in detail below–

  • The Office has shown consistent growth over the years. This year, being no exception, witnessed an enormous surge of about 30 % in filing of intellectual property applications, (341,086) compared to the previous year (262,638). The trends of the last five years with respect of filing of intellectual property applications are shown below –


During the last financial year, 46,904 patent applications were filed exhibiting about 10 % growth in filing as compared to previous years. The trends of the last five years with respect to patent applications filed, examined, granted and disposed are given below. Disposal of application includes patent granted, refused, withdrawn and abandoned applications during the year. The trends for the last five years are given below –


During the year, 11,108 design applications were filed, which showed an increase of 19 % as compared to the last year. The number of design applications examined also increased to 9,426 in 2015-16 as compared to 7,459 during 2015-15. 7,904 designs were registered during the year as compared to 7,147 during 2014-15. The trends for last five years are given below –


In this year, 283,060 trademark applications were filed. As compared to the previous year there is an increase of almost 35 % in the filing. 267,861 applications were examined recording a staggering 60 % increase in examination and 65,045 trademarks were registered recording 55 % increase in registration as compared to the last year. The trends for the last five years are as follows –

Geographical Indications:

Since September 15, 2003, a total number of 543 applications have been received till March 31, March, 2016. During the reporting year, 17 applications were filed and 200 applications were examined. A total number of 26 Geographical Indications were registered. The trends in GI applications filed, examined and registered during the last five years are given below–

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