Today we are experiencing an unprecedented level of change in the world around us affecting every aspect of our lives. These changes are not restricted to any one sphere. Today's international political agenda seems unrecognisable from that of a few years ago. We have witnessed large numbers of people being uprooted from their countries as a result of civil war or regional conflicts, but often also just to seek a better future for themselves in more prosperous nations. Technological advances in medicine, finance, the professions, manufacturing and virtually in every other sector, have introduced changes at an unprecedented pace. In particular, the coming of age of artificial intelligence and Big Data, enabled through the ever- increasing computing power, has started to impact the world of work – indeed many predict that what we are witnessing today is just the beginning of a major upheaval.


In this increasingly disrupted world, our profession, and we at KPMG, have to understand how best to serve our clients and assist them in the several challenges that they face now and perhaps even more so in the coming years.

I believe we can best do this by reflecting on what we do best.

We have a reputation for upholding the highest standards in our assurance services to ensure we inspire confidence all the time. I find that the best way to express this is by quoting one of our audit managers when asked why she does what she does at KPMG – her answer was simply that "I protect my grandparents' savings".

We also work with our clients to empower change in their organisations. In this we are at our best when we combine the deep and diverse expertise that we have across the firm and bring this to bear seamlessly, thus providing imaginative solutions to the biggest challenges our clients face. We are committed to increasingly adopting this approach, which would see us taking our clients' problems and working shoulder-to-shoulder with them to create implementable solutions that really work.

We would not be in a position to do this successfully and consistently if it were not for the impressive talent that we have across the firm. Our people's commitment to providing high quality services to our clients is borne out by our annual surveys of both our people and our clients. In all, KPMG and KPMG Crimsonwing have over 520 people in Malta (up from 490 last year) whilst KPMG Crimsonwing has an additional 140 people based in the UK and the Netherlands. Without these people, their talent, expertise and experience and above all their commitment to their clients, we would not be half of what we are today, a firm that stands proud of its achievement, core values, and its vision to be the clear choice in the professional services marketplace.

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