The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (the MoCI) in Oman has resolved the implementation of the GSO 1943/2016 (the specification). This specification is on the cosmetics and the personal care products and will be implemented by 2020. This specification is set to come into effect after the end of the six (6) month period which was granted before and pursuant to the issuance of the Oman Ministerial Decision Number 128/2019 (the Decision). The main intention is to ensure that the products under the specification are all safe for the human usage. The specification is to be followed by complying a set criteria to make sure that the safety of the beauty products is maintained. It has been mentioned in the specification that the properties and the features must not be modified while in storage or in use and should be labelled correctly with the contents.

The Sultanate of Oman makes a point that the beauty products and the personal care products are complying with the product requirements of the Gulf Standard Specification (the GSS). One statement issued by the MoCI, the decision to adopt the GSS standard was done based on the Royal Decree 11 of 2017. Article 1 of the Decree specifically mandates that the Omani standard for the safety requirements in personal care products and cosmetics should have all the GCC specifications. Further, Article 2 promulgates that an administrative fine which shall not exceed OMR 1,000 shall be imposed on the entities violating and the fine shall be measured twice in the event the offence is repeated. It is pertinent to note that if there is anything contradictory to the resolution or anything not consistent, it shall be cancelled.

The GCC Standardization Organisation (GSO) is consisting of the National Standards Bodies of GCC member states.

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