Recently, the Ministry of Health send to the Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission (CONAMER) the Preliminary Draft of the "Regulation on health control for the production, research and medicinal use of cannabis and its pharmacological derivatives",  1 as it was ordered by the Mexican Supreme Court in the Amparo Suit Review Recourse 57/2019, so that Ministry would comply with their duty to create the rules for the use of medicines with cannabis.

This Preliminary Draft has as its objective the regulation, control, promotion and sanitary surveillance of raw materials, molecular complexes, pharmacological derivatives and medicines for the production, research and medicinal use of cannabis and its pharmacological derivatives, and includes provisions regarding the import, export, advertising and marketing of cannabis and its pharmacological derivatives.

CONAMER is currently reviewing and receiving comments and observations, so it may still be modified. The review process should be done within 10 working days, thus, the deadline expires on August 10, 2020. Following this stage and once the project approved, the regulations will be published in the Federal Official Gazette and will enter into force the following day.

It is worth highlighting that the Ministry of Health announced that the deadline to comply with the Supreme Court´s decision 57/2019 to issue this regulations would be expiring approximately in September 9, 2020.  2

OLIVARES is analyzing this document and will continue follow up on the review and approval process of these regulations.

Originally published August 5, 2020.

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