The Capital city of Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar) has shifted to higher level of preparedness from 11 January 2021 until 31 March 2021 and the Governor of the Capital City decided to open the activities of all kinds of manufacture, trade, and services except for the following (Order No A/06):

  1. Trade of goods except for food and domestic applications /e.g. all kinds of clothes, household goods, fabrics, beauty products, toys/, repair shop
  2. Public meetings, demonstrations, gatherings, tours, picnics, competitions, weddings, banquets, and events
  3. All kinds of bar
  4. Exhibitions and fairs
  5. E-sports and gaming services
  6. Sport events /gym, fitness club, dance, yoga, billiard/
  7. Sauna, swimming pool
  8. Religious activities /monasteries, temples, churches, places of worship/
  9. Art and cultural events, entertainment
  10. Barbershops, beauty spas, manicures
  11. Massage and wellness centers
  12. Resort, tourist camps, hotels, and motels
  13. Fast food point with mobile service
  14. Public baths
  15. On-call home cleaning service
  16. Academic and practice training for more than 5 people

While trades of electrical goods, furniture, and mobile phones, fast service points and ski resorts is opened from 18 January 2021. All other trade and services will be open from 07:00 to 22:00 under adherence to the infection control instruction. Also, citizens and business entities are obliged to follow the "QR code registration system for traffic information of citizens". For traffics out of the city, only people who are in charge of transportation of foods, fuels, medicine, medical equipment, health, and fodder for animals and livestock, and who are attending funerals are allowed to leave the city depending on their PCR results.

Furthermore, in connection with ending of the effective date of relief and exemption from social insurance premiums (For more information: and increase of pension insurance premium rate1 starting from 2021 in accordance with the amendment to the Law on the Procedure to apply the laws on Social Insurance (article 33 ), social insurance premium shall be imposed as follows until 1 July 2021:


The social insurance premium relief and exemption shall apply to the following persons:

  1. a legal entity (an employer) that has lost its operations due to the pandemic and its income is decreased, but has maintained its workplaces and submitted its report on payment of social insurance premiums within the fixed period specified in the law, and of an insured working for such entity (an employee) (an insured person working for a government organization, and state and locally owned legal entities except for stateowned university, and an insured person whose salary and social insurance premiums are paid for the performance of goods, works and services with loans and assistance from foreign countries and international organizations are excluded); and
  2. a citizen of Mongolia who entered into a contract for voluntary insurance specified in article 5 of the Law on Social Insurance, or with a voluntary social insurance organization specified in article 4.3 of the law.

The law shall not cover private sector enterprises, organizations, and voluntary insureds who have been registered to the social insurance authority as social insurance premium payer between 25 March 2020 and 1 January 2021


1. The Law on the Procedure to apply the laws on Social Insurance;

2. The Law on the Exemption from social insurance premiums and support from the Unemployment Insurance Fund

3. Order No A/06 by the Governor of the capital city (Ulaanbaatar)


1 Pension insurance premium rate for employers and compulsory insureds is increased as 9.5% (8.5% in 2020), for voluntary insureds it is increased as 12.5% (11.5% in 2020).

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