As from 5 June all establishments will be allowed to reopen. The airport will open on 1 July for flights to/from 'safe corridor' territories.

During a press conference held on 1 June, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and the Superintendent of Public Health announced the removal of more COVID-19 measures including measures affecting businesses.

Although the legal notices enacting such removal are not yet published, it was announced that as from 5 June 2020, all establishments can reopen their businesses and all employees can return to work, subject to the implementation of establishment / sector-specific health risks mitigation measures mainly related to hygiene, mask wearing and physical distance practices. At the same time, certain protocols currently applicable to outlets will be simplified. 

The airport will open on 1 July and the travel restrictions will be lifted on 19 countries/regions (Sicily and Sardinia, Iceland, Slovakia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Israel, Latvia, Norway, Switzerland, Estonia, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland and Ireland). Certain precautions need to be taken by airlines.

Childcare centres will also be reopening. Religious services will recommence in mid-June subject to conditions. Mass gatherings and the practice of contact sport remain banned.

The lifting of the aforementioned restrictions follows the partial revocations of 4 May and 22 May of the initial order of the Superintendent of Public Health to close non-essential retail outlets and outlets providing non-essential services and limit the number of groups in public. 

Originally published 2 June 2020

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