Technology is at the core of what Distributed Ledger Technologies are, and we recognise that this is a tech-driven industry. The field of DLTs is vast with a number of different platforms already out there, each with its own particular benefits.

Applications cover a vast array of use-cases that can range in anything from creating smart contracts to efficiently cut out middle-men from multi-party financial transactions up to enabling consortiums to work more efficiently between them through a permissioned Blockchain.

By building in-house expertise as well as by being able to leverage the KPMG global network, KPMG in Malta is able to offer a number of services within the technical advisory field.

These include:

  • Identifying and validating use-cases within your industry
  • Setting up enterprise Blockchain environments and develop Smart Contracts
  • Building of Distributed Apps
  • Eliminating reliance on 3rd party services to verify and audit Blockchain transactions
  • Creation of bespoke tools to assist service providers
  • Delivering implementations of proprietary blockchain-based solutions
  • Educating businesses in understanding the technology and its implications
  • Including DLTs within a Digital Transformation programme.

Action point:

The KPMG Software team in Malta is made up of a number of software engineers, focusing on a number of Emerging Technologies like DLTs as well as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.