The development of the technological sector in Saudi Arabia is primarily focused on the Saudi Vision 2030 with the combination of moving towards cloud computing and concerning security and data sovereignty. It is focused on the result of a variety of international and domestic players who are set to become more interest in the development of the data centres in the kingdom.

These regulations have a wide range of implications, rights from cloud computing till concerns for the real estate investment aspects for the centres for operations and construction. The importing of the equipment are sometimes subject to blanket prohibition. These equipment are subject to eavesdropping functionality and the ones used in an interception or damaging public communication.

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) is a mandate according to the Telecommunications Act, the Bye-Laws and the ordinance. This is for the licensing of the telecommunications and IT equipment in the Kingdom. It comprises of all the required procedures for ensuring the proper compliance of the facilities and terminal equipments together with relevant specifications.

The additional requirements may depend on the equipment, like the restrictions on products which are made from or which contain materials and requirements for product labels and disclosure requirements.

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