As it is known, the periods during which natural and legal persons who process personal data should be registered in the Data Controllers' Registry (Registry) were announced by the Turkish Personal Data Protection Board (Board) in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) numbered 6698.

According to the data obtained from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance by the Turkish DPA for 2019, it has been found that there are data controllers who have not applied to the Data Controllers' Registry Information System (VERBIS) yet or have not completed their notification as of 01.10.2020, although they have more than 50 employees annually or a total financial balance of more than 25 million TL annually.

As a result of the examination and evaluation made by the Turkish DPA based on this determination; considering that some data controllers have not been able to fulfill their obligation to register with VERBIS due to actual, technical or legal impossibility within the scope of the fight against COVID-19, it has been deemed appropriate to inform the data controllers with a letter who have not fulfilled the obligation to register with VERBIS within the framework of the power given to the Board.

The relevant data controllers are required to fulfill their VERBIS registration obligation within the period notified to them by the Board with the said letter.

To sum up, data controllers are expected to fulfill the registration obligation within the prescribed period of time in line with the letter sent by the Authority. In addition, VERBIS registration processes are also currently ongoing.

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