In a legal battle with the Trump 2016 Campaign, a former employee was accused of violating a non-disclosure agreement. An appeals court ruled in favor of the employee. Now the campaign could be required to pay nearly $165,000 due to a provision in the NDA. Labor and Employment Partner Joshua Zuckerberg is quoted on the topic in Talking Points Memo, a digital news outlet that covers politics, culture and foreign affairs:

"It's exceptional and noteworthy to see a court go out of its way to overturn an arbitration like this," Josh Zuckerberg — a partner at the firm Pryor Cashman, where he specializes in labor employment law — told TPM, as courts have "been very permissive and supportive of the arbiter's authority.

But here, the court essentially said, according to Zuckerberg, that "we're going to have a hard time upholding an NDA" for statements made under the "absolute privilege" of going to court."

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