Consumers from the state of Rio de Janeiro filed complaints at CONAR (Brazil's National Advertising Self-Regulating Council) against Ferrero Rocher's Kinder Egg for packages of the new "Edição Speed" prize collection. According to the consumers, the prizes inside the eggs were not the same as the ones presented on the package.

The advertiser claimed in its defense that the purpose of the prize is to remain a surprise until it is opened and that it is impossible to display the entire collection on the package. Moreover, it also mentioned that the package contains the phrases "Images are merely illustrative. Among other surprises".

As the products are aimed at children, a vulnerable group, CONAR did not accept these arguments. CONAR considered that, even though the package's space is limited, it is still possible to display some of the prizes – CONAR counted eleven of them in the "Edição Speed" package – and, in order to avoid the misleading advertisement, the prize inside the product should be displayed among the others in the package. Therefore, it requested the alteration of the packages with a warning to the advertiser.

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