Our Chief Economist, Ian Stewart, interviewed Frank Luntz, one of the most honoured communication professionals in America today and dubbed by Sir David Frost as "The Nostradamus of pollsters".

Watch the series of interviews below.

The US and President Trump: "One third of America thinks he's the best president they've ever known, the best president they've ever seen."

UK and Brexit: "No more votes, no more elections!"

Europe and politics: "Stability: I hear that word constantly."

Communication: "I'm not sure we want these issues discussed in 140 characters"

More about Dr Frank Luntz

Dr Luntz has written, supervised, and conducted more than 2,500 surveys and focus groups in six continents over the past 20 years and in our interviews Frank discusses his most recent findings around how the US population view President Trump, nine months into his Presidency, and the UK electorate's sentiment on Brexit and the recent political turmoil.

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