June 20, 2018 - For the first time in Cuba's history, Cuba's Ministry of the Interior enacted specific consumer protection rules. The rules, which went into effect this month, protect consumers against false or misleading commercial advertising and unfair practices. These new rules affect all aspects of commercial trade, including e-commerce.

"This is an important step forward for Cuba," said Jaime Angeles, Partner of Angeles Pons in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. "Creating formal consumer protection rules should help all marketers navigate the rules of the road as they enter, or expand their operations in, the Cuban market."

The new rules protect against false or misleading commercial advertising and unfair practices and provide financial penalties for failure to comply. The rules also address issues such as food safety and providing products of the quality and weight advertised.

"As more businesses expand their marketing into Cuba, it's critical that they comply with Cuba's emerging consumer protection rules," said GALA Chairman Jeffrey A. Greenbaum, who is Managing Partner of Frankfurt Kurnit in New York City.

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