The health care community is embarking on one of the most substantial periods of flux in recent history, driven in large part by congressional and administrative determination to transform Medicare from a volume-bound to a value-bound payor. An array of regulations implementing new laws enacted by Congress and reflecting the Obama administration's own transformation objectives are being issued at a dizzying pace, causing whiplash, fatigue and angst among our clients.

McDermott's Health Industry Advisory Group and McDermott+Consulting both endeavor to guide our clients with insights, such as the soon to be launched Transition to Transformation series, a program designed to help health systems and other health care industry leaders address the many challenges presented by the transformation in payment and care delivery models. The goal of this series is to help organizations prepare so that they are not only competitive, but can also thrive under Alternative Payment and Quality Based Reimbursement models.

We also are striving to provide our clients with tools to better understand the scope and scale of the changes that are being foisted upon the health care industry, and proactively communicate the looming challenges and opportunities that will require legal counsel.

In this spirit, we are pleased to provide a Regulatory Calendar, a convenient overview of the more than one dozen different regulations recently, or soon-to-be, issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that will profoundly affect payment to and regulation of your organization. This downloadable calendar identifies both regular, annual payment systems updates as well as extraordinary rulemakings that will substantially redirect how, and how much, Medicare pays for items and services. We hope that you will find this calendar tool helpful in planning for the future regulatory updates

Regulatory Calendar: 2016 Payment Systems Updates

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