A Chapter 11 restructuring plan involving various affiliates of Scottish Re, each of which separately declared bankruptcy in different jurisdictions, was recently approved by a bankruptcy court in Delaware. The finalization of the plan depended on coordination among: (1) Scottish Holdings Inc. ("SHI"), (2) Scottish Re: Group, LTD., SHI's parent company, (3) Scottish Annuity & Life Insurance Co. Ltd. ("SALIC"), an indirect debtor subsidiary, and (4) Scottish Financial Luxembourg ("SFL"), a financing entity. Prior to the approval of the plan, the receiver for SFL, which asserted an unsecured, nonpriority claim against SALIC in the amount of $63,536,041.32 for a debenture assigned from Scottish Re, stipulated with SHI that any potential claims against certain current or former members of the board of managers for SFL would be preserved. The stipulation and the restructuring plan was then approved. In re Scottish Holdings Inc. et al., Case No. 18- 10160 (U.S. Bankr. Ct. Del. Aug. 22, 2018).

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