February 8, 2021


Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel (AEAI)

Cybersecurity patents can be worth billions of dollars, as recent cases have demonstrated. To achieve great value like that means having to invest up front on developing strong, strategic patents. But companies often fail to appreciate the need to invest properly in a patent strategy at the earlier stage of developing new inventions. Instead, they make patents an afterthought and seek a "check-the-box" patent that may demonstrate the filing for potential investors but ultimately provide little value to the company. These "check-the-box" patents typically suffer from preventable errors in the drafting and prosecution process-errors that can erase all value and render the patents worthless. Focusing on cybersecurity patents, in this webinar Finnegan partners Elliot Cook and Jeff Berkowitz will explain the crucial differences between the diamonds and the rough. Join us to learn how to make your company's patents valuable, enforceable, and marketable.



Jeffrey Berkowitz
Elliot Cook

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