The Empresa de Energia de Bogota, S. A. ESP, an integrated electricity generator and distributor in Bogota, is planning to restructure the company, transferring its generation and distribution business to two separate operating subsidiaries which will be capitalized by offering of new shares to strategic investors. The pre-qualification process for strategic investors for the capitalization of the two subsidiaries is under way.

The generation activities to be capitalized will include 2,448 MW of effective generation capacity including the hydroelectric generation units of Guavio, la Cadena Vieja, y la Cadena Nueva (1,150 MW, 482 MW and 581 MW of effective generation capacity respectively) and the coal electric generation of Termozipa (with an effective generation capacity of 236 MW).

The distribution and commercialization activities will include 1,115 Km of lines of 115 Kv, 18,569 Km of circuits of 345 Kv and 11,4 Kv and 27,150 nets of inferior voltage and in 1996 billed approximately 7,000 GHh of electricity to more that 1.4 million users (7 million people) in Santafe de Bogota.

Interconexion Electrica S.A. E.S.P . I.S.A. is also in the process of structuring the participation of private capital in the company, which would include the issuance of new shares in a full registered IPO in Colombia and abroad, with the purpose of raising private financing in order to undertake an important investment plan.

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