About Mondaq

Mondaq is an intelligent syndication platform providing world class content and insights from professional services firms.

Founded in 1994, Mondaq brings a different model to the market. We believe that senior decision-makers "seek" knowledge and insight when they need it, from reliable and highly regarded online resources, as well as information being delivered to their inbox.

Mondaq provides the insights you need, when you need it.

Technology is at the heart of what we do. Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (and the addition of an inhouse Data Science team) have enabled us to further improve content delivery to the right audience, at the right time. Strong partnerships with leading online resources (including subscription only services such as Dow Jones, Bloomberg, WestLaw) are just another way we deliver your information to the right audience.

World leading law firms contributing Insights to the Mondaq platform
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Mondaq is the leading online knowledge resource used by senior decision makers seeking insight from professional services firms.

Market leading technology intelligently positions the relevant content, from a network of leading domestic and international law and accountancy firms, in front of our users, when they need it.

Content is powered by Mondaq AI, our technology continually evolves to ensure you receive the most relevant content, at the right time.
Advanced content indexing ensures we deliver the right content to each individual user, via Mondaq.com and our tailored, timely email alerts.
With over 5,280 firms, from 138 countries, regularly contributing, our content is current and covers over 200 legal and regulatory topics from around the globe.

Content Partners

Bloomberg Dow Jones LexisNexis Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters Westlaw Wolters Kluwer
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