Unsolicited telephone calls are very random and common in the UAE. There are many companies and corporate giants use the Cold Calls system in order to find new business and clients. The most common questions asked by the call receivers is the source from where they got the numbers. However, companies usually have multiple sources and marketing strategies to find their market targets and reach them. However, this is a time where the laws and regulations governing online marketing and advertisements are developing according to the market changes.

The time of people come to business with only trusted resources are gone, the banks, insurance, and even some sales companies show their major finding of customers is through the phone calls. On the other side, the UAE government among other leading lawmakers in the world has given a good evaluation and changes in data-protection laws.

Hence, from one hand the law has to protect the privacy of the user in a social media or any other kind of modern communications. On the other hand, the regulators are a concern with the data-protection for the reason that leading social media companies around the world today earn one of their major earnings through selling data of their people. The UAE lawmakers have to do a check and balance on both the side with implementing the laws.

Further, the reason for strict protection is where some companies intent to steal the user's photos and further information in order to raise their sales. The targeted audience and their interest in various things are huge data for some companies in approaching their interest. The law protects the privacy of online users as well as getting unsolicited marketing calls. The same is protected from various laws in the UAE including but not limited Cybercrime, penal code, and privacy laws.

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