Andrea Arndt (Member, Troy) has recently interviewed by WWJ News Radio and has been featured on the Fox 2 Detroit News story, "China-Made Fake N95 Masks Are Flooding Market, Here's What to Look For." Andrea was invited to discuss the influx of counterfeit PPE-related products since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic on both of these programs. She emphasizes that without regulation to PPE products there is no way of telling whether they are actually effective or not, putting the health of consumers at risk. Fake N95 masks have been saturating the consumer market, posing risk for buyers. About 11 million fake masks have been seized by the feds. "People are getting duped every day," says Andrea. Over 1,100 hospitals in the U.S. have bought fake masks since the start of the pandemic which has incited numerous civil and criminal lawsuits against makers. Click here to listen to her full interview on WWJ News and click here to view her Fox 2 News feature.