On September 16, 2014, Law 15/2014 was approved concerning the rationalisation of the Public Sector and other measures regarding administrative reform. Article 17 of the new Law 15/2014 modifies Law 16/1983 of 24 October, which created the Women's Institute as an autonomous agency. This agency shall now be called the "Women's Institute and Equal Opportunities." In terms of advertising, the role of women must be safeguarded and complaints in this regard have to be addressed. Likewise, in Article 63 of the new Law, the Spanish Healthcare System Observatory has been entrusted to contribute towards reaching the objectives set forth in Law 28/2005 of 26 December, on health measures in relation to smoking and regulating the sale, supply, consumption and advertising of tobacco products. These measures help to consolidate the areas of responsibility of the public authorities with regard to advertising and specifically contribute towards meeting the objectives specified for equality and health. This is an important step forward in controlling advertising through government agencies.

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