Pitcher Partners has released its first independent national research report canvassing the trends, challenges and opportunities faced by mid-market businesses across Australia.

As the engine room of our nation's economy, the middle market employs a quarter of Australia's workforce, produces almost a quarter of our country's revenue and contributes a fifth of the national net tax take.

The people who own and operate these privately held businesses are aspirational, energetic, active and have a strong focus on growth. While every business owner and leader has a unique business with its own set of circumstances, they share common challenges.

The research canvassed more than 400 business owners and decision-makers of privately-held and family businesses to find out exactly what it is that makes them tick, what keeps them awake at night, what opportunities they are focused on and what else they need to keep on their radar to ensure their businesses remain successful and their families strong.

Some interesting insights were found across five key themes:

  • Family business dynamics: Managing the dynamics between family employees and non-family employees is a common strain amongst family-owned businesses. Owning and operating a family business also places increased pressure and strain on family relationships, unless properly managed.
  • Innovation: Business owners don't consider themselves innovators, even though Australia and its businesses are renowned for their innovation. A lot of these business owners and decision-makers have created and developed solutions that they see as part of everyday business. However, they don't recognise the potential commercial opportunity they present. You don't need to be the next tech giant to be considered innovative.
  • Finding the right information: Many business owners and decision-makers are unsure of where to go to access the right information and resources to assist them in driving and realising their growth aspirations. Accessing peer and professional networks as part of strategic thinking can help provide depth and perspective to the process.
  • Macro versus micro: Respondents have in-depth knowledge of the micro events in their industries and how it may impact their business, but don't focus as much on the macro. Recent events demonstrate the importance of being aware of and planning how to respond to the macro environment.
  • Succession: Only one-third of respondents have a succession plan even though they recognise the need to be 'opportunity ready'.

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