In the media

Working group to review ATA's 2012 technical advisory procedure
An industry working group has been established to review the Australian Trucking Association's (ATA's) Side Underrun Protection Technical Advisory Procedure (TAP) 2012 (02 November 2018). More...

Stevedores are charging truckers, shippers
Stevedores continued to rapidly increase 'infrastructure charges' applied to truck and rail companies delivering or collecting containers at port, which has led to strong criticism from transport operators and cargo owners. Stevedores have justified these charges with increases in operating costs and the need to invest in infrastructure to handle the increasingly large ships visiting Australian ports (02 November 2018). More...

TCA opens intelligent mass consultation
Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has released a consultation paper on the new Intelligent Mass application for the National Telematics Framework, seeking feedback to cater it to the needs of stakeholders (02 November 2018). More...

Truck turnaround times in record territory at ports
While terminal access charges took much of the oxygen from the ACCC's Container stevedoring monitoring report 2017-18, there were also insights into other haulage issues worth taking notice of, such as truck turnaround time (TTT) (01 November 2018). More...

Consignor, transport company in dangerous goods penalty
New South Wales Police reports a driver, consignor and transport company were recently penalised for offences relating to the transportation of dangerous goods in August. Penalties are said to reflect chain of responsibility changes (31 October 2018). More...

NHVR to review heavy vehicle safety around NSW saleyards
The NVHR will undertake a review of heavy vehicle safety around saleyards, and will also be undertaken in conjunction with the supply chain for the livestock sector (29 October 2018). More...

$70 million pledged to reduce trucks on Melbourne roads
Thousands of trucks will be removed from local roads in the inner west of Melbourne as the Victorian Government announced two new projects worth $25.7 million to shift road freight onto the rail network through freight hubs connected to the Port of Melbourne (29 October 2018). More...

Melbourne's VICT declared dangerous by the ITF
The VICT at Melbourne's Webb Dock has been declared a Port of Convenience (PoC) by the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) at its 44th Congress in Singapore.The ITF-affiliated MUA has been campaigning against the Philippine-based multinational port operator ICTSI over the significant undercutting of rates, conditions and industry standards on the Australian waterfront, and poor safety standards at the VICT terminal (23 October 2018). More...

Common data set critical for more efficient supply chains
The ALC has underscored the importance of developing a common data set for Australia's supply chains in a new Discussion Paper. A Common Data Set For Our Supply Chain is the second in a series of Discussion Papers being released by ALC to assist in the development of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy (23 October 2018). More...

New guides for PBS approvals
The NHVR has released a new PBS Vehicle Configurations chart showing 32 common combinations approved under the Performance Based Standards scheme. NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto launched the chart and a new booklet PBS - A guide for road managers ahead of a two-day meeting of 70 local government engineers (22 October 2018). More...

Published - articles, papers, reports

State Orange Book 2018: policy priorities for states and territories
John Daley, Stephen Duckett, Peter Goss, Marion Terrill, Danielle Wood, Brendan Coates; Grattan Institute: 28 October 2018.
This report surveys policy recommendations from ten years of Grattan Institute reports and outlines what the policy priorities should be. NSW and Victoria should commission work to enable the introduction of time-of-day road and public transport pricing to manage congestion in Sydney and Melbourne. All states should stop announcing transport projects before they have been analysed rigorously, and they should evaluate completed projects properly.

Outer urban public transport: improving accessibility in lower-density areas
Infrastructure Australia: 26 October 2018
This paper assesses the quality and accessibility of public transport services in Australia's five largest cities. The paper reveals the extent of public transport disadvantage in some areas compared to others and the impact on travel patterns and liveability.

On the Road - Issue 46, 22 October 2018 - NHVR newsletter
On the Road provides important information on the heavy vehicle industry, including the latest NHVR news and events, relevant law and policy changes, and resources to help industry members comply with the HVNL.

In practice and courts

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) consultation: draft Intelligent Mass Functional and Technical Specification
This contains the performance requirements that need to be met by technology providers – or consumers with their own systems – to deliver the application. The consultation period ends December 7, 2018. A copy of the draft Specification can be requested here.

NHVR: chart and new booklet launch
The PBS Vehicle Configurations chart showing 32 common combinations approved under the Performance Based Standards scheme. The PBS A guide for road managers complements the chart, providing more detailed information and examples to assist road managers better understand the benefits of PBS vehicles on the road network.
The chart is the fourth in the NHVR series, including Classes of Heavy Vehicle chart, Common Heavy Freight Vehicle Configurations chart and Variations of Buses chart. The chart PBS Vehicle Configurations and the booklet PBS - A guide for road managers is available here.

NTC Discussion Paper Reminder: Motor accident injury insurance and automated vehicles
The NTC discussion paper examining whether there is a need to change existing compulsory motor accident injury insurance schemes to cover automated vehicles. Submissions from insurers, manufacturers, legal experts, academics and individuals can be made via the NTC's website available here. Submissions will be open until 12 December 2018

NTC Discussion Paper Reminder: Tackling privacy challenges of government access to data from automated vehicles
The NTC's discussion paper identifies three categories of new privacy challenges, and outlines options to address these as they relate to automated vehicle and C-ITS technology. The paper does not examine private sector access to data. Submissions can be made online via the NTC website available here. Submissions close on 22 November 2018

NHVR Consultation: draft Safety Policy
The Safety Policy is intended to promote an environment of continuous improvement that embraces safety, including the evaluation of our activities and initiatives to ensure that they are delivering the intended safety outcomes. The Safety Policy will be available on the NHVR website for comment until November 5. For more information visit here.

AMSA September incidents
A total of 47 domestic commercial vessel incidents were reported to AMSA in the month of September. Of these, 5 were serious. See the September incident report (25 October 2018). More...

New Standards

AS 5144.2:2018
Industrial trucks - Safety requirements and verification - Self-propelled variable-reach trucks (ISO 3691-2:2016, MOD) Standards Australia AS 5144.2:2018



Shipping Registration Amendment Bill 2018
Amends the Shipping Registration Act 1981 to make technical amendments necessary for the remaking of the Shipping Registration Regulations 1981, including: removing provisions requiring the regulations to prescribe the form of shipping registration certificates; removing references to prescribed forms of certificates; and clarifying an appropriate head of power for provisions in the regulations where required.
House of Representatives Third reading agreed to 22 Oct 2018.


Vehicle Standards Regulations 31 October 2018
Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 93/00 – Forward Field of View) 2018
Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 92/00 – External Projections) 2018
Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 23/03 – Passenger Car Tyres) 2018
Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 90/00 – Steering System) 2018
Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 42/05 – General Safety Requirements) 2018
Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 91/00 – Rear Underrun Impact Protection) 2018
Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 96/00 – Commercial Vehicle Tyres) 2018
Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 95/00 – Installation of Tyres) 2018
Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 94/00 – Audible Warning) 2018
Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 42/04 – General Safety Requirements) 2005 Amendment 7
Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 23/02 – Passenger Car Tyres) 2007 Amendment 2

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