The Federal Court of Canada has ordered the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) to release consumer complaints about Bell's alleged deceptive marketing practices to the Competition Bureau.

The CCTS accepts and resolves complaints from Canadian telecom consumers about all aspects of their home phone, long distance, internet and wireless services.

In August 2018, the Bureau commenced an investigation into potentially false and misleading representations made in connection with the promotion of Bell's residential services, including home phone, internet and television sold separately or in bundles.

The Federal Court order requires the CCTS to produce records including copies of consumer complaints filed against Bell relating to its residential services, and written responses to the Bureau's questions.

The Bureau's investigation continues. Stay tuned.

Historically, the Bureau has been concerned with the non-disclosure of hidden fees and misrepresentations as to the quality or level of services marketed. The Bureau detailed past practices for which it had taken enforcement action in its submissions to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission for its consultation into the retail sales practices of Canada's large telecommunications carriers, including Bell.

If you have a complaint about Bell's marketing practices, the Competition Bureau wants to hear from you. Click here.

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