Franchising in China could be an entrepreneur's dream come true!

More than one thousand international and domestic franchises are operating on some level in China right now, and there is always room for more.

But understanding the country's complex franchising laws can be the stuff nightmares are made of

That is why you need IPO Pang.

Their skilled team of attorneys is on the ground in China and they know China.

They can advise clients on Master Franchise Agreements, including negotiating, drafting, and recording that follow the letter of the law. They can also help with franchise disclosure filings which have very specific requirements.

But that is not all...

IPO Pang works with foreign franchisors to develop legal strategies on brand management and protection. Their team will make sure you are in compliance every step of the way – so when it's time for an audit, you will have your ducks in row...

Let's face it, if a franchisee is obligated to pay a franchise fee and turnover a percentage of the profits, you want the record keeping to be done "by the books".

IPO Pang can help you with that and more- as franchise expand across China, there are additional requirements on the local level that must also be met. Otherwise, your business could be shut down.

If you work with IPO Pang, you can rest assure the rules will be followed in credible, auditable and defensible way.

If you have a brand, we have a plan ®. IPO Pang – your franchise partners in China.

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