The India Growth Story

India's economy is growing at a fast pace and the world is taking note of it. With favourable demographics and a rise in the consumer's income, the propensity to spend on leisure and entertainment, in general, is growing faster than the economy itself. A huge volume of demand for leisure and entertainment has attracted the global media giants, many of whom have been present in the Indian market for more than two decades.

However, in recent years, with a fast-growing middle class, there has been a renewed surge in investment in the country by global companies. Companies in the US and Western Europe see their growth increasingly linked to emerging giants like India, which is why they are now focused on the best way to enter, grow and brand their business in this market.

The Indian media and entertainment (M&E) sector now finds itself at a new inflection point — digital media. With India becoming the second largest smartphone market and 53% broadband penetration expected by 2020, the scale and impact of potential digital content consumption is enormous. This presents M&E companies, foreign and domestic, with an exciting opportunity to develop digital businesses that cater to a new generation of Indian digital consumers.

Through this report, we look at the Indian M&E landscape and the opportunities it presents to investors. We hope you find this report insightful and helpful.

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