On 9 April 2014, the Ukrainian parliament adopted Draft Law No. 2436a on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts ("Law"), which brings about a significant reduction in the number of mandatory permit documents. The overall number of permit licences - currently 113 - will be reduced significantly on the Law's entry into force, which is expected during the next three months.

The main changes relate accordingly to the food, grain, agrochemical, energy, and transport industries, as well as to subsoil and waste management matters. Based on this Law, the following regulatory permits and authorizations will be abolished.


  • on the quality of each lot of grain
  • on compliance with storage conditions (for agricultural products and raw materials of vegetable origin)
  • on the presence of agricultural pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals (for each lot of agricultural products)
  • on compliance with the regulations on the use of pesticides and agricultural chemicals
  • on importing plant protection products to Ukraine
  • on importing seeds
  • on importing non-registered genetically modified organisms (GMO's) for research purposes
  • on using pesticides whose registration period has been terminated
  • on breeding wild plants
  • on using natural resources of local significance
  • on performing hydrotechnical improvements
  • on relocating individual plant species to new locations
  • on adjusting land management projects during the land allotment
  • on performing quarantine inspections of imported plants


  • on using high-risk equipment
  • on disposing waste
  • on allocating objects that negatively affect forest conditions and restoration
  • on performing activities aimed at protecting natural ecosystems and eliminating the consequences of accidents
  • on allocating enterprises processing or utilizing low-quality products
  • on the conditions for flammable technical processes
  • on allocating mining enterprises
  • on allocating underground storage facilities
  • on the conclusion of the usage of forest areas for mining
  • on limits for waste creation and disposal
  • on the calibration certification for data processing equipment

Tourism, entertainment

  • on using medicinal water of local significance
  • on touristic services for guides, conductors, and instructors
  • on using animals for entertainment purposes
  • on establishing zoos
  • on creating and replenishing zoological collections

Foods, supplies

  • on importing water bioresources to Ukraine
  • on producing dry wine material (up to 9.5%)
  • on recognizing the certification of foreign certificates (for each lot of fish products)
  • on veterinary certificates for each lot of fish products
  • on quarantine certificates for each container lot produced from raw materials of vegetable origin


  • on the international transportation of passengers and goods by motor transport
  • on performing aviation works by aviation technology operators
  • on transportation routes for hazardous, oversize, or heavy loads
  • on the order for protecting and maintaining perishable goods
  • on inspecting vessels (those that are not subject to inspection by the classification partnership)


  • on producing geothermal energy
  • on producing wind energy
  • on constructing and rehabilitating hydropower facilities on small rivers
  • on creating networks for transporting energy produced from alternative sources

External economic activities

  • on importing and exporting fauna objects
  • on exporting scrap metal
  • on exporting precious metals and precious stones (gems) (as goods made on commission)


  • on constructing and reconstructing high-risk facilities
  • on using high-risk facilities
  • on decisions for changing the designation of forest areas

Use of water resources

  • on allocating facilities using water resources
  • on permits for using underground water and conditions for the special usage of water resources
  • on providing subsoil for use (previously granted by the local authority)


  • on importing radio-electronic and emitting devices (except devices for special use)
  • on trading in radio-electronic hardware and emitting devices
  • on the standards compliance of radio-electronic devices


  • on allocating advertising mediums and other objects in the road reserve


  • on selling local community land plots to foreigners (previously granted by the Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine)
  • on redeeming especially valuable land plots (previously granted by the Parliament)
  • on burning of dry grass (previously granted by the local authorities)


The implementation of this deregulation reform will enable Ukraine to reduce the regulatory burdens faced by the country's citizens and enterprises. For this reason, we expect the reform to bring about more government transparency, greater control over corruption, and strong fiscal incentives. These amendments to sub-legislative acts will be adopted during the next three months.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.