Over the years, technology has premature and revolutionized almost significant aspects of our day to day lives. It has established itself as the cornerstone of the prominent industries like education, healthcare, environment, communication, etc. historically speaking, the construction industry has witnessed a quite meagre record when it comes to adapting to the technology and other sectors. It is surprising to note that millions and trillions of dollars have been invested in the existing or planned projects in the United Arab Emirates alone.

The constant increase in the incidences of robotics in the construction industry will prove to be useful when it comes to intense labour roles. The contractors will eventually seek to cut cost on employing labour. During the same course, it may offer an opportunity to the individuals and the corporations to upskill, since this equipment will also require certain manpower to make sure that the robots and the technology used is effective in maintenance and operations.

To summarise, it is pertinent to note that the shareholders in this industry have an intention to devote sufficient amount of time and resources for evaluation of the new technologies that are and can be put to use and be developed, and their impact. Further, understanding the know-how as to how the technology will be utilised to its best potential for enhancing the productivity, competitiveness, quality and finally the profitability. It is very important to keep up with the pace of the evolving areas of the sector, along with its changing landscape for generations to come.

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