Harold P. Weinberger

After graduating from law school, training for the Army Reserves at Ft. Knox and working as a summer associate at Cravath (sharing an office with then junior associate David Boies), Harold Weinberger was clerking for a judge on the 2nd Circuit when he found himself at a dinner with a litigation lawyer named Bob Heller. "Bob told me about this little firm in midtown, which was heavily oriented to litigation," Harold recalls. Dreading the prospect of joining Cravath and committing to years of doc review in a warehouse in service of the mammoth IBM case Cravath was working on, Harold went for an interview at what was then called Nickerson, Kramer, Lowenstein, Nessen & Kamin.

"In retrospect, it was a risky move, given what I now know about the economics of the firm at that time," says Harold. "When I joined, the firm was three years old, and there were 27 lawyers here. It was a risk, but it paid off." Harold celebrated 50 years at the firm on Sept. 13, 2021.

Anita Rosenblum

In 1971, after moving back home to New York following a short stint in Florida, Anita Rosenblum got her start at Kramer Levin through a lawyer she'd worked for at Proskauer. When that lawyer left the firm two years later, she found an opening at another company in the building. Shortly thereafter, she ran into the Kramer Levin secretarial coordinator in the elevator, who put her hands together and said, "Please come back and work for Michael Korotkin." This firm felt like a family to her, and an excellent place to learn and grow, so she immediately said yes. Anita celebrated 50 years at the firm on Nov. 15, 2021.