The shift toward value-based health care presents unprecedented opportunities and challenges for health care organizations. It requires extensive planning, significant financial investment and careful consideration of the many alternative payment models best suited to an organization's existing or planned infrastructure, geography, market position and patient population. Providers continue to invest in the infrastructure that manages care delivery, such as information technology, and continue to consolidate in an effort to contain costs in a value-based health care environment.
To help clients across the health care sector assess and transition to value-based payment models, Ropes & Gray's health care group has launched an online hub for articles, webinars, research materials and other valuable resources dedicated to value-based health care, all organized by industry segments and topics:
» Visit the value-based health care website
As value-based health care evolves, our lawyers will stay on top of the latest trends and provide timely insights and commentary examining the political, regulatory and transactional developments. Most recently, we discussed how the new leadership at Health and Human Services and the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act could reshape value-based payments across the health care industry.
We will also launch a series of teleconferences, titled "The Transition to Value-Based Health Care," that address the impact of the new administration on value-based health care through the lens of different industry segments. The first seminar, "A View from Washington of President Trump's First 60 Days," will be hosted on March 15, followed by others focused on:

  • Guidance for Providers – April 4
  • Recommendations for Medical Device Manufacturers – April 27
  • The Impact on Digital Health – May 10
  • What It Means for Pharmaceutical Companies – June 7
  • What Payors Need to Know – June 19

Given the widely perceived view that value-based payments are critical to health care cost control, value-based health care will likely continue to expand. We hope that our insights will help you navigate the rapidly changing value-based health care landscape, especially during this time of political uncertainty, so please let us know if there are any specific topics you would like to see addressed. We look forward to helping you evaluate value-based opportunities.

Visit the value-based health care website

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