Rhode Island has amended its laws related to voluntary restructuring of insurers and protected cell companies to allow for domestic insurance companies to enter into a voluntary restructuring, including the use of a protected cell, with the approval of the commissioner. The law now defines voluntary restructuring as "the act of reorganizing the legal ownership, operational, governance, or other structures of a solvent insurer, for the purpose of enhancing organization and maximizing efficiencies, and shall include the transfer of assets and liabilities to or from an insurer, or the protected cell of an insurer pursuant to an insurance business transfer plan. A voluntary restructuring under this chapter may be approved by the commissioner only if, in the commissioner's opinion, it would have no material adverse impact on the insurer's policyholders, reinsureds, or claimants of policies subject to the restructuring." R.I. H8163A (eff. July 2, 2018).

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