FTI Consulting COVID-19 Response Team has assembled a list of industry-specific questions organizations should be asking themselves during this challenging crisis.


  • How are you compressing costs given the reductions in volume in the OEM markets? Learn more
  • Have you modified your current business plan based on the potential dip in volume now, while anticipating future recovery? Learn more
  • Do you have adequate levels of supply chain visibility to spot potential disruption before it happens? Learn more


  • What action should you take if a vendor or client suspends or terminates a contract because of the pandemic? Learn more
  • Which segment of the construction industry will be impacted most by the pandemic? Learn more

Diversified Industrials

  • How are you reassessing the impact of the crisis on your sales outlook across the various segments of your business? Learn more
  • Have you reassesed your near- and mid-term business plans based on the current scenario and post-crisis? Learn more
  • What are the risks to the manufacturing industry? Learn more


  • With learning moved on-line, how do I address my needs for the summer and fall terms given all the uncertainty? Learn more
  • How do I budget for 2020-21 with all the uncertainty around enrollment, staffing, and reduced investment income? Learn more
  • How do I address anticipated demands for student refunds around tuition, room and board, etc.? Learn more

Energy, Power & Products

  • Which regulatory, tax, and other reforms might help power markets perform more efficiently now, and after the crisis? Learn more
  • What effect will the crisis have on fuel extraction, processing, and distribution sectors? Learn more
  • How will a recession impact the evolution and economic competitiveness of renewable energy technologies? Learn more
  • What are the net effects of lower (and fluctuating) energy prices, especially for petroleum products, across the U.S.? Learn more

Financial Institutions

  • How are you managing the inevitable delays to your ability to file regulatory reports on time? Learn more
  • How should I allocate staff given there are fewer loans being made, yet much more work servicing non-performing loans? Learn more
  • How do I model and manage loan delinquencies and pre-foreclosure actions in this unprecedented time? Learn more

Food & Agriculture

  • Do you have multiple supply sources for critical packaging and ingredients (expeciially those that are imported)? Learn more
  • Are you conducting new analytics to determine consumer behavior or are you relying on past data? Learn more
  • What is your contingency plan if the migrant labor pool dries up entirely? Learn more

Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • How should we plan for drug shortages and a lack of medical supplies? Learn more
  • How do we maintain business continuity and manage a productive remote workforce? Learn more
  • How do we forecast cash flow and accelerate cash in the revenue cycle? Learn more
  • What should we do today to be ready to reopen elective and ambulatory access after the crisis? Learn more
  • How can we take advantage of recent telehealth regulatory relaxations and plan for expanding our use of telehealth in the future? Learn more

Hospitality, Gaming & Leisure

  • What is the best strategy for managing the unknowns around cash flow, unions, and lenders in hospitality right now? Learn more
  • When will it be practical to reopen my movie theater, and can I expect federal support? Learn more


  • How is the insurance industry expected to respond to COVID-19 related claims? Learn more
  • What are the expected claims, cash flow needs, etc., among self-insured plans in this unusual year? Learn more
  • How will self-insured plans impact diligence and valuation, not to mention my balance sheet? Learn more

Media & Entertainment

  • What lessons from the 2008 recession can we apply right now as ad-buying and TV production declines? Learn more


  • How does a mining company in particular apply for assistance under the proposed stimulus package? Learn more
  • Have your mining company explored the wide variety of options for assistance in the proposed stimulus package? Learn more

Public Sector

  • How will global trade dynamics shift in this new era? Learn more
  • Revenue fallout is coming — what expenditures should you prioritize this fiscal year, and in subsequent years? Learn more

Real Estate

  • What are the implications for real estate taxes, stimulus, and business disruption claims you should anticipate? Learn more
  • How should I address dividends, should I drop my REIT, and what are my obligations to my employees? Learn more

Retail & Consumer Products

  • Retailers, is now the key moment to ramp up your direct-to-consumer strategies? Learn more


  • Now or later, enterprise software companies are at risk from erratic capital markets. Are you testing out contingency plans? Learn more


  • Have you used lessons learned in the early stages of the crisis to stess-test your future operating procedures? Learn more


  • What is the expected economic fallout on the transportation sector in the long run? Learn more
  • Keeping freight shipments secure is still high priority — is your company handling its responsibility adequately? Learn more

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.