Hoteles City Express sought an order granting it permission to issue a subpoena to obtain documents from non-party Facebook, Inc. to show the subscriber identity for a Facebook page allegedly containing defamatory statements regarding Hoteles to be used in a lawsuit in Mexico.

The Northern District of California initially denied Hoteles request absent "additional information regarding the nature of the defamatory statements made and contained on the Facebook account for which Hoteles seeks identifying information." Furthermore, it concluded that "Hoteles has provided insufficient information for the Court to determine whether it could actually state a claim for defamation under Mexican law."

Hoteles was directed to, and subsequently did, amend its application. The Court granted the amended application, finding Hoteles had cured its prior defects and finding good cause to grant the requested discovery.

In re Hoteles City Express, Case No. 18-mc-80112 (N.D. Cal. July 13, 2018 & August 8, 2018)

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