U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

PETA v. Miami Seaquarium - rehearing

Alcocer v. Mills - § 1983, qualified immunity

Ovalles v. US - sentencing, crimes of violence

Florida Supreme Court - Tallahassee

No decisions this week

First District Court of Appeal - Tallahassee

No decisions this week

Second District Court of Appeal - Lakeland

Black v. State - sentencing

Gorzynski v. State - sentencing, hearsay

Zoo-Land v. Premier - deficiency judgment, summary judgment

Toth v. Miller-Toth - marital dissolution, fees reversal following merits

Provident Funding v. MDTR - foreclosure, res judicata

5F v. Boca Grande Isle - real property, restrictive covenants

Stauderman v. State - sentencing

Wilson v. Pinnacle Health - arbitration, authority

Third District Court of Appeal - Miami

Aguila v. State - Williams rule evidence

Mathieu v. State - hearsay, prior inconsistent statements

Bacchus v. State - pro se sanctions

Estes v. Rodin - personal jurisdiction, Facebook comments

Martinez v. Valerio - paternity

MF v. State - Richardson hearing

Lopez v. Regalado - domestic violence injunction; timesharing, support

Matheson v. Miami-Dade - county land sale, competitive bid, standing

Brickell Motors v. Torres - due process, notice of hearing; arbitration

DSLR Pros v. Lalo - sanctions, Kozel factors

Brickell Harbour CA v. Hamilton Spec Ins - insurance appraisal

Robles v. FNMA - default, notice

People's Trust v. Acosta - insurance, work authorization injunction

CA v. State - robbery, consent

DHSMV v. Sperberg - second-tier certiorari, driver's license revocation

Coral Gables v. Garcia - appellate standing, real property appraisal

Valls v. DOH - non-final agency review, license restriction

Solonina v. Artglass - certiorari, discovery denial

Fourth District Court of Appeal - West Palm Beach

Martinez v. State - juvenile sentencing

FPL v. McRoberts - actual/apparent authority

Garrison v. Garrison - dissolution, equitable distribution

Hogan v. Aloia - child support modification

Broward Behavioral Health v. Genestant - competency restoration

Lundy v. State - jail credit

Gray v. State - pretrial detention, bond

Fifth District Court of Appeal - Daytona Beach

Purdy v. State - remand, juvenile, sentence review hearing

Edwards v. State - leaving scene, crash, evidence

Evans v. Miller - lack of transcript

Rittirucksa v. Barrette - temporary injunction, evidence

Quartier v. State - community control

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