U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

No decisions this week.

Florida Supreme Court - Tallahassee

Franklin v. State - juvenile sentencing, Graham
Tisdale v. State - capital case, direct appeal
Spencer v. State - capital case, postconviction relief
IAF v. State - jurisdiction discharged

First District Court of Appeal - Tallahassee

Kelley v. State - instructions, unnatural lascivious act
GRABBA-LEAF v. DBPR - tobacco wraps, tax, unadopted rule
Hurst v. State - juvenile sentencing, review
Scott v. State - sentencing, sexual battery
Williams v. State - ineffective assistance, appellate counsel
Burris v. State - prohibition, misbranded drugs
Sims v. Barnard - personal representative, fraud, res judicata
Horton v. Horton - timesharing, equitable distribution, alimony
Williams v. State - burglary, information
Jones v. State - pro se sanctions
Vinson v. Vinson - marital dissolution

Second District Court of Appeal - Lakeland

Johnson v. Heartland - arbitration
EU v. DCF - parental rights, termination
Mosaic v. Curd - class certification, negligent pollution
RB v. BT - timesharing
DOR v. Vobroucek - child support
TAK v. State - trespass, stolen car
Pena v. State - second-tier certiorari, judicial disqualification
Rev Rec Gp v. LDRV - temporary injunction, bond, dealership
Hernandez v. State - ineffective assistance, appellate counsel

Third District Court of Appeal - Miami

Rodriguez v. State - rule 1.540, correcting name on documents
Buade v. Terra Gp - employment, retaliation, administrative exhaustion
Charles v. State - preservation of error, evidentiary objections
Fleming v. State - second-tier certiorari, judge's review of videotape

Fourth District Court of Appeal - West Palm Beach

James v. State - sentencing
State v. IJ - mandatory disposition
RN v. State - interference, police dog
Wells Fargo v. Moccia - attorney's fees
Alexis v. State - postconviction relief
London v. Temerian  - sanction, findings
Ware v. Citrix Systems - personal jurisdiction; remote employees
DePasquale v. State - postconviction relief
Donahue v. State - sentencing; conflict

Fifth District Court of Appeal - Daytona Beach

DCF v. JF - supervision, reunification
Haggan v. State - habeas corpus
LeBlanc v. Acevedo - medical records, disclosure; fiduciary duty, negligence

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