New and modified rules for the registration of Wills in UAE

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts recently made an announcement towards the amendments to the rules of registration of wills in UAE. These rules will accommodate both the residents and the investor assets for the whole of the emirates together with assets which are held outside the country. DIFC Courts also confirmed that existing wills are eligible fro a free of charge amendment service byt the Court’s Wills Service Centre. The Government of Dubai and the DIFC Courts have recognised this urgent need for an enhanced legal solution for the Non-Muslims in country where amost eight million expatriates reside. This initiative will provide peace of mind to the investors and the residents as well as encourage the expatriate talent and investments.

The DIFC Courts launched this service in the year 2015, where an ancillary service via the form of Wills Service Centre (the Wills Service). It is a joint initiative of the Government of Dubai and the DIFC Courts. This gives non-Muslims residing and investing in UAE with an option to bequeath their property to their heirs as per the terms of the Will. This service makes sure that the assets and the properties are distributed to the heirs as per the wishes and consent of the person bequeathing. DIFC Courts has registered moreover 5,000 wills.

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