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Every new year brings new laws and changes in the existing laws.
Rihm Attorneys
Not long ago, Swiss companies relied on workforces that were as homogeneous as possible. They were convinced that this would increase employee performance and efficiency.
Altenburger Ltd legal + tax
Con la digitalizzazione in pieno corso, vi sono sempre più aziende che conseguono l'obiettivo di un archivio digitale piuttosto che cartaceo.
Prager Dreifuss
Daniel Hayek gibt einen Ausblick auf den Schweizer Markt. Da sich die Weltwirtschaft allmählich verbessern dürfte, rechnet er mit einer moderaten Beschleunigung des Wirtschaftswachstums in der Schweiz im nächsten Jahr.
Morgan Lewis
The Swiss private offering rules may soon require foreign funds to appoint Swiss distributors in order to sell fund interests to Swiss investors.
PricewaterhouseCoopers AG
One year on after the initial Managing Through The Downturn study the insights gained about how to address a downturn are still valid. To the contrary, they are even more valid as now is the right time to shape the corporate structure through a continued restructuring, preparing it for the next storm, when ever it may come.
Niederer Kraft Frey AG
A new Code on Electronic Signatures will become effective on January 1 2005. The draft of the relevant implementing ordinance is now open for public consultation and comments from interested parties.
Secretan Troyanov & Partners
Foreign counterparts dealing with Swiss companies often request various corporate documents to ascertain that the Swiss company not only may enter into the type of operation that is envisaged, but also that the officers signing on behalf of the company are allowed to do so (Board resolutions, By-laws, Statutes of Incorporation, etc.).
Bill Isenegger & Ackermann
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