Understand the risks. Learn how to prevent it. Know your obligations.

Money laundering is a key enabler of serious and organised crime. Criminal and terrorist organisations in the United Kingdom launder tens of billions of pounds through registered companies - according to the National Crime Agency the social and economic costs of this is estimated to be £24 billion a year.

That's why it's important for professionals to be able to recognise the signs it could be taking place, and to have the right systems within their organisation to ensure its prevention.

Designed by professionals, for professionals

Our AML eLearning course has been designed to give professionals a thorough understanding of what money laundering is, how it's done, and the steps that can be taken to help prevent it. With our easy-access module, your staff can learn individually at their own desks at their own pace, or as part of a team.

AML learning objectives

We've tailor-made this exclusive course specifically for solicitors, accountants and other professionals. Your staff will be able to develop their understanding of money laundering, while learning practical measures to prevent it. By the end of the course they will be able to:

  • Describe what money laundering is, how it's done and the implications for your business
  • Understand the relevant UK legislation and regulations, and what they cover
  • Explain how to prevent money laundering
  • Describe the consequences of non-compliance with AML legislation

A course built around you

Available for individuals or groups of employees, each team member will be given their own log-in and password to enable them to complete the course at their own pace and convenience. They will be presented with easy-to-understand sections, complete with multiple choice questions. All staff progress can be tracked to ensure that they have completed their training.

It all adds up to a convenient and comprehensive eLearning module, which will give your employees all the information they need to keep your organisation one step ahead of money laundering.

Our AML course is only one of ten eLearning modules that are all available through the same intuitive platform. These essential courses include Information Security and Data Protection.

Discover more

If you would like to discuss Jordans AML eLearning course in more detail, please contact Amanda Barnes Amanda_barnes@jordans.co.uk to book a demonstration or find out how we can help your business. You can also download our course leaflet here.