The many issues raised by Cum-Ex were analysed in depth during Rahman Ravelli's online event examining the rapidly-developing, Europe-wide tax investigation.

The video of the event shows how they addressed the matters under discussion.

The webinar, titled "The Cum-Ex Files: Taking a close look at all aspects of Europe's biggest-ever tax investigation", was devised to assess matters that are relevant to professionals in global financial/ investment centres including those across Europe and in the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, India, Dubai and the UAE.

It was designed to be of value to:

  • Hedge fund managers, partners and Chief Investment Officers.
  • Investment bankers, senior figures in investment banks and banking general counsel.
  • Asset managers, trading managers and executives in asset management firms.
  • Prime brokers.
  • Fund administrators.
  • Financial advisers, tax advisers, accountants and legal professionals.

The webinar panel was made up of those with relevant expertise and experience and examined CumEx from all angles, including:

  • The origins of Cum-Ex.
  • Recent developments.
  • The likely size and nature of the investigations.
  • The approach taken in various countries.
  • Those who may come under investigation.
  • How best to prepare for any possible investigation.
  • The most appropriate responses to an investigation.

The panel was chaired by former FLA chair Mark Fenhalls QC. Speakers included Rahman Ravelli legal directors Neil Williams and Syed Rahman; Howard Fischer, partner at New York-based law firm Moses & Singer LLP and former SEC senior counsel; Andreas Pollak, partner at Vienna's petsche pollak and a former economic crime and corruption prosecutor in Austria; and Dr Christian Pelz, a tax law and criminal investigations specialist of Munich-based Noerr LLP.

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