Milbank Financial Institutions Regulatory partner Douglas Landy and Technology and Outsourcing partner Nicholas Smith will speak on a webcast, hosted by the American Bar Association (ABA), as part of their Business Law Section CLE. The webcast, titled “The Aftermath of the CARES Act: What Lenders and Borrowers Need to Know,” will take place on June 18, 2020.

The focus of this webcast is to provide up-to-date information regarding how the CARES Act has affected the credit markets and credit facilities. Specifically, it will deal with the response of the credit markets to the CARES Act and the regulatory response thereto. The webcast will also discuss the specific issues arising in credit facilities in general as a result of the CARES Act, and the resulting actions of Lenders and Borrowers. Lastly, it will present some of the documentary concerns arising out of both the response of the credit markets and the specific issues in credit facilities.

Originally published 10 June, 2020

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